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About our Online Consulting Service

Do you feel like you are stuck, don’t know what is wrong or what to do in order to take your own business to a whole new level? Have you ever wondered if you could get help to improve the results of your business, without having to pay the high fees of ordinary consulting company?

We can help you!

We offer 100% Online Consulting Service for Small Business that are seeking for help in the areas of:

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing

What we do?

We are a team of experienced small business consultants that have proven experience in dealing with most usual small business problems out there. We use the internet (E-mail and Chat) to help small business that are in the following situations:

  • Financial problems
  • Low Sales
  • Lack of Management Skills
  • Unsatisfied customers
  • Inability to expand
  • Marketing problems
  • Lack of adequate Manuals, Policies and Procedures
  • People issues
  • Lack of ability to start a business
  • Planning issues
  • all the above

You are 1 step away from achieving your goals!

We can help most types of business with their issues on Management, Finances, Marketing and People.

Whether you have a problematic existing business, or a successful business that needs to move to the next level, or you are starting a new business, we can help!

Tell us about your business needs! One of our small business experts will reply explaining how we can help!


Who We Help

These are the most common types of business we help on a daily basis:

  • Restaurants
  • Service Contractors
  • Resellers
  • Dentist and Doctors offices
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Small Factories
  • E-commerce
  • Supermarkets
  • Sports
  • Events

Check out our Consulting Solutions to Small Business

Management Consulting Solutions

Business Plan

The VOnline Consulting team can help you in the very beginning of your business. We will help you develop a complete Business Plan, which will give you guidelines of all the steps you should take to make your business a success!

Business Management

Our online Consulting service will help you gain a clearer vision of the business areas that should be managed precisely. We will provide tools and techniques to ensure an adequate management for your small business.

Business Strategies

Our consulting team can help your small business to develop strategic planning for the short, medium and long terms, focused on market expansion, debt liquidation, sales growth, improve employees and customers satisfaction, and others.

Goals Setting

With our online consulting services, you will receive professional advisory to establish a goals plan for your small business. We can assist your business with Finance, Productivity, Satisfaction, Sales, Costs, and other goals categories!

Internal Controls

With our online consulting services, your small business will receive recommendations of the internal controls necessary to achieve ideal control over the critical points of your business, as well as to mitigate the core business risks.

Inventory Management

We will help your small business to organize and take control over inventory, with the goal of helping to optimize the purchasing strategy, inventory flow, and, at the same time, protect your company against steals and losses.

Key Indicators

Learn from your online consultants how to manage your small business using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). With our online consulting program, we will help you develop and monitor the KPIs of your business.

Manuals and Codes

Our online consulting can help you elaborate the manuals of the most important routines of your business, such as the Code of Ethics. We will develop a complete manual to be referenced by employees every time it is needed.

Operational Planning

Our online business consultants will help you to develop the operational planning of your small business, considering your entire process, from purchase of raw materials, until delivering the final service or product to your customers.

Organizational Chart

Our online consultants will help you define the best organizational structure for your business, considering the correct distribution of activities, reduction of conflict of interests, and greater effectiveness of the processes.

Policies & Procedures

Our online small business consultants are very skilled and experienced in the development of complete Policies and Procedures that your business must have in place to standardize the rules that should be followed on a daily basis.

Roles and Responsibilities

At VConsulting we are experts in provide consulting services focused on the identification, planning, design and definition of roles and responsibilities inside small businesses, to define the attributes of each job at the company.

Financial Consulting Solutions

Break-even Point

At our online advisory program, our business consultants will teach you about your business’ break-even point, which is the sales level in which the revenue will be high enough to afford all costs and expenses of your small business.

Budget Planning

Let us help you develop a full budget plan for your small business, to know what are the total limits of costs and expenses your business can reach on a monthly basis without causing negative impacts on the expected financial results.

Cash Flow

Learn the main concepts regarding cash flow for once and for all.  With our consulting, you will understand the cash behavior on your business and learn if prices, deadlines, working capital and payment methods are adequate.

Financial Controls

You will get help to define the main financial controls that your small business should have to gain full control over cash flow and financial results. Having optimal financial controls are a great tool to avoid surprises in finances.


With our online small business consulting, you will understand and establish the ideal prices for your services and products, taking in consideration the desired profit margin, market position, discount levels and targeted audience.

Results Analysis

We will help you know the real financial result of your business from a cash flow perspective, as well as understand what result levers are responsible for making your business thrive or have a loss in the end of the month.

Revenue Goals

At our online consulting you will understand the real revenue goal that your small business should seek to achieve the financial results required. We will always take in consideration the costs, expenses, sales prices and payment due dates.

Marketing Consulting Solutions

Advertising and Prospect

Learn from our consultants about the most effective strategies to advertise your products or services and to prospect new clients. You will learn about what channels and language patterns will have more success within your target audience.

Competition Analysis

At our consulting service, we will give you headlines to develop a competition analysis to identify in what points your business stands out or is equal to competitors, developing action plans to make your business differentiate.

Customer Experience

Have you ever stopped to analyze the experience your customer has when buying a product or service from you? At our consulting service, we will evaluate if this experience can be improved and increase your client base exponentially.

Target Audience

Let us help you define your target audience profile. In other words, we will help you identify the potential types of clients to your products and services.  Knowing your target audience is an essential part of any effective sales strategy.